A summary of what you can expect from this software.

Warnings & alerts
with visuals & sounds

CCP provides logs for eve online. This allows for checking the combat log, local log and chat log(s) for certain information. Among others this means NEAR2 can give you a WARNING when an enemy is linked in an intel-chat-channel in a system that is relevant to your location, or when a specific ship or shiptype starts to shoot at you, for instance a faction level ship, or a capital sized ship (pve and pvp), or when you have been out of combat for a certain period of time.

Our warnings are customizable.

The main information delivery is via our custom made PROXIMITY RADAR

which can be adjusted in size, looks, uses themes and more.

The sounds can be any installed windows voice (of any language), but also custom sounds or simple windows sounds.

Parsing, making your life easier

We built some (rather intelligent) parsing software for the logs that eve online generates. These logs are provided by CCP and can be opened and parsed for data. This is exactly what we have done. Our parsing software can be customized for keywords, known characters, known trash, etc to streamline it, but should work as-is for most alliances.

This means YOU, the player doesn't have to do the parsing yourself in your mind. (Is that linked system in range for me? What is the route? Is that character dangerous? Who is he with? What is his history?)
The parsing, among others:
- Traces the Location of your desired character for tracking and updating the radar
- Checks for Shiptypes, fleet sizes, custom ships or phrases and filters garbage
- Takes likelyhood into account for locations, name combinations and systems
- Checks combat changes, such as shiptype and name shooting at you

100% client based

The software runs 100% on your machine and uses no database. There is no login, no API needed, no database to conenct to. Simply enter a character name and the chat logs you want associated with this character and that's it for that part of functionality. For better colllection and storage of information, you can install a windows SQL server locally. We advice people not to use an external SQL server. This might be a breach of EULA for Eve online and is not really useful anyway.

Zkillboard integration

Eve online has a scoreboard, or killboard system that can be mostly accessed via the website Zkillboard. A lot of useful information can be learned by studying an enemy character on this website. However looking people up constantly can be a really exhausting job and take time. NEAR2 Integrates DIRECT access to ZKillboard and has a whole Intelligence System of it's own called NIS. It is basically a loader and filter of Zkillboard, with added data from the chat logs. For instance, once linked in a system, you can click on the radar and NIS opens up. Clicking on a linked name shows all filtered data like the corp, allliance, kill history, loss history, lasts known location and shiptype of the character. Filters can be applied to, for instance, not show capsules, structures and other data you might not want to be shown. Or data older than a certain time.


What can you customize? We built our software as much on customization as we possibly could. Some things are slightly complicated at first, like the themes. But the way we have set it up enables somebody with a low amount of XML knowledge and a general understanding of keys and values to built custom themes and customize the entire application with colors, keywords and more.

Impressions of the app

A small gallery of pictures to showcase some features.


Some information provided on how to set it up and questions you might have before or after getting NEAR2.

Is there any cost involved for use or download of NEAR2?


We do not charge for the app in any way. it is 100% free to use by anybody. There are no subscriptions or demo - trial - "bullshit". There is no payments involved in any way.

We do appreciate donations. For donation information check below.

Do you take donations?
if so, what kind?


Yes please. Any form of isk to support the website and thousands of hours of development is appreciated! For donation information please check below. More info can be found on the help tab within the app itself. If you want to donate some money, we have provided a paypal adress. Any money would go to supporting the development of the application. We have a patching server, software licenses, time and webhost upkeep so this is a costly project for us.

Do i need an account?
Do i need an API?


You do not need any account what so ever. No login, no API check, no registering, nothing.

Do i have to connect to a website or database?


There is no global database or anything. We do not collect data or intelligence. That is not what the app does. It is 100% client based. It only connects to our patching server when it checks for (auto)updates (you can disable this), although we recommend to leave it turned on. We basically release new features right away and fix bugs along the way as bug reports come in.

Is this app 'legal' within the EULA of Eve online?


The application does not violate the terms and condition as stated within the EULA of eve online. There is no data farming going on, nor direct interaction with the client itself. No scripting, botting, screenscraping or any of those illegal things some other intelligence applications exploit or abuse. It uses only user-generated input and only reads from the logs. It does not change any file or interact with the client or it's software in any way.

Does the app give a warning when enemy enters local?


The application cannot and does not check for new local entries. This would violate the EULA of eve online and hence, we do not support this.

How do i set this up? Is there Documentation?

Built in

The application has a setup that is step by step when launched at first. We think everything is pretty self-explanatory. This setup can be accessed in the windows traybar at any time. Besides, it is likely that you heared about NEAR2 from a friend, so ask them to help out! If something doesnt seem to work, check the settings window and just "mess around with it". If you are smart enough to play eve online, you will be able to set this app up.

Where do i find the settings, setup and radar/NIS toggle?

Windows tray

The app has multiple functional windows. A settings window, an intelligence window (NEAR INTELLIGENCE SYSTEM, or NIS) a setup window, a radar canvas and a windows tray icon with a pop up menu. Right click on the icon in your traybar to open this pop up menu and go to settings. If nothing seems to pop up, check your windows bar at the bottom if the settings window isn't simply minimized or on the background behind an app.


Sorry, no other option

Yes. eve online needs to be NOT in fullscreen mode, so any of the windowed modes work. This has two reasons. To overlay over a fullscreen application, one needs to change the "stream engine" that goes to the screen. This means we would have to change files from the rendering engine of eve online, which is not only hard, but would involve us having to rip the EVE client open. This is obviously a breach of EULA and would open the application up for all kinds of illegal behaviour. So sorry, no fullscreen support. game needs to run in windowed mode.



After .net framework has been installed!!!
DOWNLOAD NEAR2 (newest version with beta features)
place it ANYWHERE on your PC
(folder where you place it is the "root" or "install folder" automatically)
For some features you need to install SQL server Express 14.
You will need either of these versions, based on your windows version:

'Express 32BIT\SQLEXPR_x86_ENU.exe' AND
'LocalDB 32BIT\SqlLocalDB.msi'

or 'Express 64BIT\SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe' AND
'LocalDB 64BIT\SqlLocalDB.msi'.


Without this all gathered zkill "intel" will be lost between closing and opening NEAR2. The "live" app still works without this.
USE near.exe for the first time to run the app! ACCEPT the EULA and you are good to go!

STEP 5.1:
Download the DOCUMENTATION file here. Probably smart to read if you cannot find some feature that Near2 provides!

HOW TO MAKE A TACTICAL MAP.PDF. Quick start guide for making your own dotlan style maps!

Donate isk if you enjoy the app!

We worked hard on this app for a long, long, long time!
We are _just_ eve players like you and get no money for this app.
A little reward is obviously appreciated, since there are costs involved to keep a website online,
a patch server to keep the app auto-updating and thousands of hours went into development.

IF you want to donate:

please Sent your left over ISK to this character ingame:

Gwynneth Intaki


We will try to give you a shout-out ingame for it!